#75Hard Challenge Week 1

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This week I embarked on a challenge. It is called the #75hard challenge. The two most common questions are, “what is it” and “why???”. Both good questions. In essence, it is a way to challenge yourself in order to change your mindset. I heard about it from a facebook friend – someone I have never met in real life. The concept grabbed my attention and I let it marinate for a few weeks. Quite randomly, I woke up Monday and decided I was going to go for it.

I am stepping up to the challenge to shake up the status quo, gain a different perspective and work on personal growth.

The challenge is seemingly (seemingly being a key word here) simple challenge. For 75 days you do the following 5 things every day:


1. Follow a diet; any diet to suit your lifestyle, but no alcohol

2. Exercise 2 times per day for 45 minutes, one time must be outside

3. Take a photo of yourself daily

4. Drink 1 gallon (3.75 litres) of water every day

5. Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book each day

How hard can that be? Hahaha.

On the surface, it seems like simple stuff. 75 days doesn’t seem all that long. But…..

This is not about getting in shape or changing your body. Yes, I plan on seeing my body change after 75 days. This is just a byproduct. It is an added bonus. The real point is to change your mindset. Commit to yourself and follow through. It is about being crystal clear about what is important and setting priorities. It is about organizing your time. It is about following through with what you say you are going to do for yourself. It is about filling your bucket first, because let’s face it, if your bucket is not filled first, you are not going to be able to fill the bucket of others.

This idea was created by Andy Frisella. I hadn’t heard of him before but a quick google search linked me to his podcast describing this challenge. Andy is a self made, kick ass, highly successful entrepreneur. He tells it like it is and doesn’t hold much back. And, if they f-word offends, he may not be your cup of tea. I love his no nonsense, no bs approach. This challenge was created to help others get the mindset to be successful. Ok, I’m in.

First week, done! Only 9 more to go! Here is a summary of each day, my meals, the fabulous photo, thoughts and challenges.

Day 1

Energized! Just like the bunny! I am on it! Brisk walk/run in AM; yoga in PM. I loved taking a full hour for yoga. Even though I am a yoga teacher, committing to practice every day is tough. I hope to do yoga most days.

Since you can follow any diet that works for your lifestyle I have committed to the following:

Real, whole, plant-based food.
No added sugar.
No chocolate.
No processed food with 5+ ingredients and must contain only ingredients I would buy separately to cook with. For example corn tortilla with corn flour and water are ok; corn tortillas with corn flour, water and cellulose gum (etc.) are not ok.
No junk (tortilla chips, pretzels, crackers, etc).

This is super unfortunate because I just canned a bunch of strawberry and blueberry jam. I have some in the refrigerator and I didn’t even get to taste the blueberry jam. Dang! Even though I made it, I did add some sugar. Not a lot, but I am following no added sugar, so sadly, no jam! I also realized that Veganaise has more than 5 ingredients and soy protein. I am bummed! Looks like I am making my own mayo!

Today’s meals:

Breakfast: Fresh berries with granola (homemade) Lunch: Grilled vegetable sandwich (on homemade bread), mango curried salad and ½ peach
Dinner: 2 Mexican rice and bean tacos with salsa, guacamole and lettuce on corn tortillas

Biggest challenge was drinking so much water. I would advise drinking water earlier in the day. If you wait to drink a bunch before you go to bed you will be up all night peeing. Trust me on this one! I added lemon to my water today, but I will be looking for other ways to make my water interesting.

Reading Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi. I speed read and I am trying to slow down. I am also reading Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. The latter is my audio book and I am listening while walking.

Day 2

Not bad. I planned on meeting a friend for happy hour. We had planned this a week ago and I didn’t know I was going to do this challenge. I didn’t think she would mind as she is an elite athlete and know about mental/physical challenges. Passing on alcohol was no big deal. But…. we went to order some food and that was more difficult. We were at a restaurant that makes all their own food; so I was thinking it would be easy to find something to eat. Sushi? Nope, not serving today. Salad with citrus vinaigrette? Nope, added sugar. Vietanmese spring rolls with peanut sauce? Well, the spring rolls are ok, but the peanut sauce has added sugar.

Interesting because both my peanut sauce and my citrus vinaigrette do not have added sugar!

Lesson learned, don’t assume, just ask. With a smile of course!

Today’s meals:

Breakfast: Fresh berries and granola (homemade) Lunch: Banana, date, almond milk (homemade) smoothie Snack: 10 raw almonds, 1 apple, 3 pieces spring roll (no peanut sauce) Dinner: Kale chips, Mexican rice and bean (leftovers, eaten cold and added quinoa and cucumbers) in lettuce leafs

Really didn’t feel like doing the second workout, but as soon as I was on my mat I was all good. Yoga is indeed good for the body and soul.

Day 3

I’m sore. I have to pee too much. A gallon of water is a lot! Otherwise it’s all good.

Today’s Meals:

Breakfast: Fresh berries with granola (homemade) – thinking I need a change tomorrow Lunch: Stir fried shisito peppers and a salad (weird combination, I know) Snack: Nectarine Dinner: Barley and Mushroom casserole with tahini sauce and a side of roasted brussel sprouts

Day 4, Day 1

UGH! I have to start over. I could have had chocolate. Or wine. Or that blueberry jam I canned the other day and didn’t get to taste. But no. What did I forget??? To take a photo of myself. Could I have ‘let this slide’? Really, who would have known? Me. I would have known. And, I committed to myself to do this. All of it. So, I awoke this morning and I realized I forgot the picture. Today is day 1. I won’t be forgetting the picture again. My own vanity got in the way. Instead of taking a picture first thing during my first workout (read no makeup), I waited to do the photo at the end of the day so I could look better. This is an important lesson. First things first. If something *must* get done in the day, do it first.

Today’s meals:

Breakfast: fresh berries and granola (homemade) – seriously I am doing something different tomorrow.
Lunch: banana, date and almond milk smoothie
Dinner: Mexican rice and beans with cucumber, tomatoes and avocado wrapped in swiss chard. Totally last minute and totally delicious. Also had some dragon fruit and peach for dessert

Day 2 — Again

I find the hardest thing for me is juggling my time. Setting up my day around meeting the challenge has become a lot to handle. I want to be sure I get everything in! But, I also have to run my business. I am learning to be crystal clear about what I ‘have’ to do and what I would ‘like’ to do. I have to select my priorities. I am guessing this is part of the point!

Today’s meals:

Breakfast: chia seed pudding with strawberries (see recipe)
Lunch: Carrots with cheezy jalapeno cashew (homemade vegan), 10 raw almonds, banana, date and almond milk smoothie
Dinner: Homemade vegan pizza

I am usually one to plan out my meals for the week and ensure I have everything in place. For some reason this week threw me for a loop! I didn’t plan and it was obvious (just look at what I ate), I am not one to eat the same thing all the time. I love trying new things and mixing it all up. But, with more to juggle I didn’t make the time to plan my meals and get my act together. Planning for next week for sure!

I also debated today whether or not pizza counts as part of my diet, because, well… pizza. But my pizza is not some Chicago deep dish 10,000 calories heart attack waiting to happen. My crust is homemade. Pizza sauce is homemade. Veggies are fresh. No cheese (sometimes I use vegan cheese, but it is just fine without). So, I decided that yes, it does check all the boxes. Yay! I would hate to miss my Friday night pizza and a movie. Although, I will forgo my glass of very fine red wine! Let’s see, what can I drink? Oh yeah, lots and lots and lots and lots….and lots and lots and lots of water. I may splurge and go for sparkling water tonight! Getting crazy!

Day 3 — Again

Gratitude for where I live. Southern California has the perfect weather in order to exercise outdoors. Walking on the beach feeds my soul. Very grateful.

I had to attend an awards breakfast this morning but couldn’t really eat anything served. I didn’t even ask. Good thing I allowed extra time and ate first. Getting prepared for next week with a meal plan. This is an absolute requirement.

Today’s meals:

Breakfast: avocado toast and grapes
Lunch: Lemon & cranberry quinoa salad
Dinner: Grilled vegetables with pesto (oil-free and homemade) and wild rice

Day 4

Today seemed easiest because all I had to do was workout and eat. And, I drank 3 litres of water by 2 pm. Yes! I will not be peeing all night! First day I actually drank more water than required.

Workout at the beach and picnic at the beach. Today was perfect! Feeling ready to conquer week 2!

Today’s meals:

Breakfast: pancakes with fresh fruit (homemade, no sugar)
Lunch: Picnic on the beach! Panini with grilled veggies, smokey cheezee jalapeno dip (homemade) with veggies, fresh fruit
Dinner: Leftover barley and mushroom casserole with tahini sauce

I am coming for you week 2! Want to join me on this challenge? Go for it!

Inspiring confidence to thrive in a plant-based lifestyle!


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