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Finding Joy

Joy is a feeling that comes from within. We can’t buy it. We can’t sell it. We can’t expect others to constantly fill our joy bucket. While others can bring us joy because we enjoy their company or they make us laugh, we can’t depend on others to be our source of joy.

Joy is a feeling in our soul that can grow and overflow to permeate throughout our whole body and beyond. Joy is contagious - in a good way! Joy is a state of mind that can be learned and developed. Searching for joy is a choice.

Joy takes practice. I’m not talking about putting a smile on your face and pretending to be joyful. That is so healthy either. I’m talking about finding your source of joy from within. Here are some things I do when I’m trying to find inner joy. I hope some of these may help you!

Be grateful

This is my number one resource for finding inner joy. When I focus on what is good and what makes me feel happy it is the quickest route to inner joy. Sometimes it is something simple like a hummingbird flying overhead that pauses in my line of sight. Or waking up to my dog. And cat. Sometimes it is big things that I remember like a trip or event. If you need joy right now, take a moment to reflect on something you are grateful for, no matter how small. If you focus on it for just a short period of time (30 seconds) you will find your mood lift and you will find gratitude attracts more gratefulness. Meditation is an excellent way to find daily gratitude.

Go outside

Take a walk. Breath in all the beauty in your area. Is there a beach where you can walk? A park? A nature preserve? Even city streets have beauty. Take time to enjoy nature every day and you will find more joy. Engage your senses and take account of what you can hear, see, smell, taste as you inhale. Is the sun shining on your face or are you bundled up? Find the joy in each season. Fresh air will help you feel more alive and more joyful.


Have you ever had a random stranger smile at you? Depending on your cultural background, you may have thought they were weird! I have been told many times that I smile too much when traveling. But I can’t help it! I feel like it conveys the warmth and joy that comes from within. A smile, whether received from another or generated from yourself, changes your perspective - if only for a second. Sometimes when I am working out and the push is really hard, the instructors will tell us to smile and push through, or she will crack a joke. Laughing and gasping for air is no easy feat! However, if I smile, my mind shifts to the positive of my workout; it shifts to focus on what I can do and how good I will feel after I’m done. Sometimes that smile is what floats me through. It’s not about smiling to fake something. It’s about smiling to change your point of focus and perspective.

Choose joy

Shit happens. All the time, every day. Sometimes things don't go the way we want or we are late or someone lets us down. In every situation, you get to choose how you react. You get to choose how you are going to interact. I love Disneyland. One of my favorite stories is Winnie the Pooh. Eeyore is always looking for the worst to happen in any situation. He’s kinda a ‘looks like rain’ sorta character. Tigger on the other hand is so bouncy he will knock you over! He is excited just because he gets to bounce. You can choose to be an Eeyore or a Tigger. Choose the Tigger vibe! Choose to look for joy.


Listen to music

Music always makes me want to smile, dance, or at least tap my toes. I love music. I’m that person singing at the top of my lungs, by myself, in the car with the windows rolled up! Music can change my mood. Whether you like to listen to music, play an instrument, or sing, find music that sings to your soul and get a daily dose. You will likely find your mood lift and some inner joy.

Choose your input carefully

How do you fill your mind? With social media? Television? Useless time wasters that do not benefit you? I haven’t watched television since 9/11. That’s a long story I’ll save for another day. However, as odd as that is for some to imagine, I haven’t missed out on anything important. I have however missed out on a lot of drama, negativity, and turmoil generated by the news media. I have also been able to spend time reading, learning, growing relationships, traveling, playing games, working out, and a whole host of other activities that have benefited my mind and body. You don’t have to be 100% one way or the other, but consider how what you take in affects your joy.


Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins make us feel good. Feeling good can bring us joy. If you are not a gym rat that is ok. You don’t have to live at the gym. However, finding some activities that get your body moving is a great way to help find your inner joy. Step outside of your comfort zone and try a new activity! Surfing? Skiing? Salsa dancing? Give it a go! See how many different ways you can incorporate movement into your life

Find your tribe

In Dan Buettner’s book The Blue Zones, he talks about how having community and feeling like you belong are important factors in longevity. If you don’t already have a tribe, create one! If your tribe isn’t a healthy tribe, find a new one. Sometimes living in the same place for a long time can be stifling; people see us how we were then they met us and frequently don’t see or acknowledge our growth. It isn’t mean or on purpose, but when you see someone every day it can be hard to miss change. Find a new tribe of who you reflect, or want to reflect, in the world today. Then be an active participant in lifting others up, giving more than you get, and cultivating your community.


Unleash your inner child

When was the last time you did a cartwheel? Or summersault? Or jumped on a trampoline? How about playing in the mud or swinging on a swing at the park? Ok, maybe you don’t need to do all these things to find joy, BUT connecting with your inner child and finding joy in simple things is healthy for us. Don’t worry about what others think if you are the only person over 20 at the trampoline park! Jump! Swing! Cartwheel! Reconnect with that inner child and invite some silliness back into your life.

Every day you get to choose how you are going to show up and feel. Eating a plant-based diet will help your body physically feel better, but there is more to life than what you eat! Joy will bring you inner contentment that is contagious. Others will want what you have! By sharing your joy with others, you will feel better too. It is a beautiful cycle; one in which you can take part if you choose

Unleash your inner veg!

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